View Full Version : Wedding shoe shopping for narrow kids feet?

28-Jul-12, 23:53
Going to Inverness soon and first footers (my usual stop for footwear) dont do ivory shoes or wee size 7 black shoes.
Where else can I try without tearing my hair out as the kids have really narrow feet...you know monsoon, next etc shoes etc just slip etc..

29-Jul-12, 00:01
If u get any let me know i am needing wedding shoes and toddler size 7 for me wedding but cant seem to find any :(

29-Jul-12, 00:22
Sigh ...thinking about ballet shoes ( I need a 7 and a half Clarks measuerment and a 9 and a half both c fitting)for the girls as a back up...
but for boys shoes (normal f fitting sixze 7).....goodness knows.....
erm if your kids have normal fitting or slightly wide divas and dudes do shoes as well as the bridal shop in wick..though might have to order in ,,,

29-Jul-12, 00:25
everytime i go to the wedding shop in wick its closed :(