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27-Jul-12, 20:28
A while ago I asked a general question about where to get a decent curry, subsequently reporting on a poor effort from Thurso.

Anywayup I finally got to go to Taj Mahal in Halkirk.

Arrived very early and unannounced, the only people in the restaurant (plenty of activity in the takeaway).

My wife's meal was by her own admission perfect. She had ordered something unusual for her and was happily thoroughly satisfied.

I ordered an unusual mix. A vegeterian Thali plus a King Prawn Vindaloo.

The vindaloo was as hot as it should be with a rich sauce. The prawns where cooked a little unevenly but not to distract from its overall quality. Potatos wonderfully infused with sauce. Good stuff!
The Thali also generally was of a high standard. The 'Ladies Figures' were a little sour for my taste but other dishes proved well executed especially the Tarka Dall which was bitter sweet,oily and deeply pungent with darkly fried garlic.

All in all a good meal. The best I've had in Scotland in the last six years.

Oh, buying your own alcohol and bringing to the restaurant is unusual but once you know not a problem.

I would probably go when the restaurant was busier for atmosphere and order a more traditional combination now my confidence is there.

Hope someone finds this useful.

29-Jul-12, 01:52
Having had various things out of this Indian but from the takeaway side of things, I can also vouch for how good the food is in there, not just the curries either :)