View Full Version : July Goodies

Mrs Sweetie
26-Jul-12, 00:25
I am pleased to be able to tell you of the July bargains available at Meiklejohns, Thurso Street, Wick:

We have:

* Varieties of Haribo sweeties - 1 per 220g bag

* Fruit Pastilles, Milkybar medium, Milkybar buttons, Smarties & Jelly Tots - any 3 for 1

* Milka Alpine Milk, Milka Daim, Toblerone, Daim Bar, Terry's Chocolate Orange Bar - any 3 for 1.20

* 110g bags Doritos - 1 each

* Hula Hoops - any 3 for 1

* Diet Coke/Coca Cola 2l - any 2 for 3

* 380ml bottles of Lucozade, flavours as stocked - any 2 for 1.40

* Tango/Pepsi/Diet Pepsi 500 & 600ml bottles - any 2 for 1.50

* Mini Loaf Cakes - Belgian Chocolate, Carrot, Coffee and Walnut, Cherry and Almond - 1 each

We also carry a range of Caithness Chocolates, Caithness Biscuits and varieties of Orkney Fudge as well as all the usual sweets from your childhood so if you have visitors up for the summer these can make tasty treats to remind them of their stay in the far north.

Thank you for your time and support. :D