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24-Jul-12, 22:17
I'm looking into insuring my puppy and was wondering if anyone has any advice, good or bad on any companies they've dealt with? Thanks in advance for any help.

10-Aug-12, 13:45
I know this is slightly different but I asked for advice a year or two ago about insuring my horse and got a good response - here's the thread...


Hopefully the link works! :)

10-Aug-12, 19:16
Hi Bobbin,I use Petplan for my 3 idiotic collies. They are a very good reliable company and I ave had no problems wen dealin with any claims we have had to make. They give you a few options of how they will pay out the claim, including one direct to the vets (which I choose as its quicker and easier for me than the other options)When your choosin pet insurance make sure what cover they offer, some only offer 1 years treatment of an illnes, some offer whole life treatment. Luckily iv got all 3 of my hounds on whole life insurance as my old collie, Rosie, has a heart murmer that will need pills everyday from now on. When I phoned to tell Petplan about it they were excellent, the lassie on e phone even offered me some advise as her dog had had the same. And she told me her spatial had lived for 3 more years happily when on the pills.I hope you manage to pick an insurance company to use, and never have to use it!! :0)