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16-May-02, 07:10
Anybody know of the whereabouts of Calum Roberts as featured in the sixth year photo on the '74-'80 reunion page.

Last rumour he was diving off the Barrier Reef in Oz for a living - Mandy you seen him down the supermarket?

Any leads followed up...


06-Aug-02, 11:28

20-Jul-05, 00:31
Just browsing and noticed your message. I assume you have found Callum, but if you're out of touch again, let me know. He's my big brother!

04-Aug-05, 08:19

You'll be one of the twins then I guess?

Spoke with Callum electronically a few years back but he was just about to move house having just come back from a conference in New York so was kind of busy at the time then events took over from there - namely the birth of our twins - now two and all over the place in different directions!!

Callum can drop me a line if he wants cormacksofcults@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks for the message

06-Aug-05, 23:36
Hi again,

Yes, I am one of the twins! Stuart is around, somewhere in Glasgow I think, never keeps in touch with anyone. I am just back from holidaying in England, though I didn't get a chance to see Callum and Julie. Saw mum briefly though, on a day visit. I will pass on your contact details, though I'm not sure that he'll get it til next week or later. he's progressed to professor now, and lectures at the uni, amongst other locations!