View Full Version : Pair accused of fags fraud

20-Jul-12, 14:29
Upaid duty on 5000 cigarettes said to have exceeded 1000

TWO men – one from Halkirk – are facing a charge of having been concerned in transportation of cigarettes on which duty had not been paid.
Ronald McGregor, of Sanna, Sordale, had his case continued without plea, at Wick Sheriff Court, today. His co-accused, James Lamont, of 25 Watson Street, Carlisle, denies the charge.
It alleges that on April 5 they were concerned in the carrying of 5000 illegal cigarettes on the Sordale-Halkirk road, on which tax of 1,190 had not been paid.
McGregor (63) will reappear in court on August 17. Lamont (28) is due to stand trial on October 8.