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30-Nov-06, 00:07
I downloaded a program called FreeRAM XP as I thought that my puter was doing stuff without my knowledge. Anyway, my total RAM is ~712mb and the RAM program says I've got ~400mb free. This is when the puter is sat doing nothing, over 300mb is occupied!!:confused Surely no?

I've come to the conclusion that the puter is actually doing stuff that I have authorised but have forgotten about.

Is there anywhere to see what programs are running on a system and deselectingthem? I tried typing MSconfig in 'Run' but it just reverts to a diagnostic mode and forces me to undo all the changes and then reboot.

This is the report that comes with the thing.

FreeRAM XP Pro Comprehensive Memory Report
Generated on: 23:11:46 29/11/2006

Basic Memory Information
Current Amount of RAM Free: 453 MB (60%)
Amount of Installed RAM: 751 MB
Available Virtual Memory: 1038 MB (92%)
Total Virtual Memory: 1125 MB
Available Total Memory: 1493 MB (79%)
Total Memory: 1877 MB
Available Virtual Space: 2006 MB
Total Virtual Space: 2047 MB

Advanced Memory Information
Commit Limit, Bytes: 0
Current Committed Bytes: 0
% Committed Bytes In Use: 0
Cache Bytes: 0
Cache Bytes Past Maximum: 0
Pool Paged Allocations: 0
Pool Paged Bytes: 0
Free System Page Table Entries: 0
Pool Nonpaged Allocations: 0
Pool Nonpaged Bytes: 0
Total Working Set: 0
Total Working Set Past Maximum: 0

Cache Statistics
Copy Read Hits %: 0
Data Map Hits %: 0
MDL Read Hits %: 0
Pin Read Hits %: 0

Paging File and Virtual Memory Details
Paging File Bytes in Use: 0
Paging File Bytes Past Maximum: 0
Paging File in Use %: 0
Paging File in Use % Past Maximum: 0
Disk Page File Bytes in Use: 90931200
Total Disk Page File Bytes: 1180311552
Size of a Single Page: 4096
Total Virtual Space Bytes: 0
Virtual Space Bytes Past Maximum: 0

Current Number of Processes Running: 60
Current Number of Threads Running: 0
Current Number of Handles: 0

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!:D

30-Nov-06, 00:23
You can use HijackThis (http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/programs.php) to remove entries from the Registry which auto-start when Windows starts up.

Run it and look down the list for lines beginning O4 - all these programs/files are loaded at startup. This means it takes longer for Windows to get up and running (as each needs to be loaded) and reduces the available memory.

If you're not sure which to remove then you can always use MS Config first to see which are needed and which are not.

30-Nov-06, 16:30
Mike Lin's startup program is excellent you can download it here: http://www.mlin.net/StartupCPL.shtml
Download, install then it runs from control panel.

01-Dec-06, 17:49
Rheghead, Don't forget that as soon as you turn on the PC all sorts of essential stuff gets loaded up into RAM - your operating system, your desktop, your comms software, the BIOS settings, all the control of your monitor (every pixel has a memory location), your anti-virus and anti spyware filters, etc.

If you have any worries about what's going on try the security link on Microsoft - go for the complete system scan. I sometimes find my processor working overtime, but this is often down to the Earth Model that I have running in the background.

Hope this helps. :D