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29-Nov-06, 23:18
Quite high numbers of Woodcock in Caithness this Autumn. Most days I see one or two. They lie up in the heather during the day and fly about at dusk.
Has anyone else noticed them?

30-Nov-06, 02:21
Here's a photo of a Woodcock I took some time ago.



30-Nov-06, 03:38
Lovely pic, Nirofo. I didnt know they were such a pretty bird, would not have ordered one from a menu in Edinburgh a few years ago. (Was delicious tho, in a redcurrant sauce.)
I would rather see them fly up from the heather at dusk.

01-Dec-06, 14:00
I've just seen a dead woodcock near Borlum house in Reay, it looked quite fresh, I wouldn't like to eat it though ht.

09-Dec-06, 04:15
I remember my first ever site of a Woodcock, in quite a surprising place. I used to take a shortcut home from Miller Acadamey in Thurso, through the railway staion and up along the south side of the track, as you come towards the road leading to Juniper bank and the scrub trees get thicker, I raised one there when I just a wee boy. Later in life I used to work At Shurrery estate and use to see them and hear them especially at night at the right time of year, I think around October but my memory is not too good. One time I managed to come upon one on the ground and it was a beutiful site when you realise who well they blend into their habitat, beautiful!