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29-Nov-06, 21:19
What do you prefer electric or acoustic? about 10yrs ago i was asked did i have an acoustic i was like are you real, After meeting up with acoustic players & jamming with them im converted i never have the acoustic far away, I still play electric style over my mates & it blends awesome, There are some great acoustic versions of well known tracks, Layla & whitesnakes here i go again live acoustic are just a couple of faves

29-Nov-06, 22:44
I prefer acousmatique or electroacoustic music.

29-Nov-06, 23:40
aye well i play a taylor acoustic through a fender acoustic amp it is amazing tone

30-Nov-06, 17:12
u like acoustic

this dude Jake Coco i talk to him on myspace!
hes a good singer player acoustic!

look up

" jake coco "

in youtube

30-Nov-06, 22:45
Ha ha! chance for free publicity.

Empty Fortune are mainly acoustic. but with a twist!

check us out on myspace