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17-Jul-12, 07:19
Breast biting denied by Castletown man

A FAR NORTH man has been accused of assaulting a woman and biting one of her breasts.
Darren Bruce appeared from custody at Wick Sheriff Court, yesterday and denied the charge.
It alleges that Bruce, of Kirkfield Cottage, Olrig, Castletown, committed the offence, between July 6 and 7, after elbowing Lauren Calder in the face and pinning her down on a sofa. The incident is said to have occurred at her home in Lyness House, Thurso. Bruce (27) was remanded in custody pending his trial, on August 17.
Earlier this month, a Thurso man admitted nipping one of his partner’s breasts with a garlic press and was jailed for six months for the assault, by Sheriff Andrew Berry.
Angelo Begg (21) dismissed the bizarre assault, on June 15, as the sort of horseplay he had indulged in previously, with Tanya Verity. It happened after the couple, who resided in a caravan, at her mother’s house, at Tanhead, in the rural Caithness community of p.
In a separate case, yesterday, a teenager entered the dock, from custody, accused of biting one of her partner’s nipples. Latietshia Bremner denied the assault, on Murray Bain, at their then home in Macrae Street, Wick, on Sunday.
The 19-year-old also pleaded not guilty to having a knife in the same street and neighbouring Upper Dunbar Street, both Wick. Her trial was fixed for October 1 and she was bailed to an address in the town’s Grant Street.

Prison only option left for accused

A WICK woman, who falsely accused her boyfriend of assault, has run out of chances, to escape prison.
Cheryl Fleming was jailed for three months after she pleaded guilty to wasting police time on June 22.
The 40-year-old invented the story to get back at Peter Vercoelen, following an argument...but quickly retracted it.
David Barclay, prosecuting, told the court that Fleming, of Huddart Street, Wick, made the false complaint to police from a telephone kiosk, on June 22, and claiming other people had been involved in the incident.
Officers who went to investigate, observed that the accused was uninjured and she “almost immediately” changed her tune and admitted it was“all a lie”. She said she had “done the wrong thing in a panic”.
Mr Barclay added that despite the fact there had been a certain waste of police time, the quick confession had averted a fullscale inquiry.
Solicitor Neil Wilson stressed the point and explained that there had been a domestic fall-out, with Mr Vercoelen, earlier in the day, the accused had felt aggrieved, and had vindictively made up the story.
Sheriff Berry, who referred to Fleming’s record, which included making a false representation to the police and failing to comply with bail conditions, told her: “This court has tried various ways to avoid sending you to prison but it seems there are no options left.”
The prison sentence was backdated to June 25 when Fleming was arrested.