View Full Version : Jack Russell taken from car

11-Jul-12, 23:52
Earlier today a Jack Russell was taken from a car outside a house in Bower , she has a red collar and answers to the name of Poppy , if anyone saw anything could you either contact the local police or send a pm , cheers Les

12-Jul-12, 07:33
I hope your friend gets Poppy back. I met him last night and he was distraught. She is mostly white with a very distinctive black mask around her eyes.

12-Jul-12, 14:33
Oh that's awful!!!

Could you post a photo and I'll put it on my Facebook page. Really hope she is found safe and well very soon.

12-Jul-12, 23:00
According to a post on Facebook this dog was safe & back with his family at least 12 hours ago. Pity the OP wasn't informed. :(

14-Jul-12, 09:07
I asked on the genral forum if anyone actually knew if there were dog thiefs going about and the thread was closed. As I said following the advice in the paper I am scared to let my dog out in the garden for long. So does anyone know for sure if dog's are being stolen?

14-Jul-12, 22:37
An anonymous phone call was made saying that Poppy had been seen around Granton Mains not far from Bower , her owner went out , and sure enough it was Poppy so happily reunited

15-Jul-12, 00:04
Could she have hopped /wiggled out the window after something (russels do )a rabbit perhaps or a cat?