View Full Version : poetic mind !!!

28-Nov-06, 20:00
I wonder how many of us have a poetic mind... probably more than
you know ... imagine things of a simple nature ... Hold a thought
one of pure simple unadulterated beauty ...
would you dare write your thought down for others to enjoy???
My thought at this moment is a pure one but could i write it without
being kicked out of the org ?
Though my thought is pure it can still offend some so i won't take the chance.
So let me change my thought to one that will not offend others.
I stand under an apple tree ... Long wet grass against my bare legs ...
I am wearing a Crimson lace dress ... my fingers are all enterwined above
my head stretched toward the night sky ...Mother moon shines down upon me...
How lucky i feel just to be able to write what comes into my head...
My first thought was much better but i could not word it as not to offend
those who are sensitive to nature... xxx