View Full Version : Its so dark that i cannot see

Cedric Farthsbottom III
28-Nov-06, 15:58
Its so dark that I cannot see
The nose in front of ma head
Its so dark that i cannot see
I think its off to bed

The reason it is so dark ma friends
Cos on the Castlemyer
A wee sparrow perched on an electric line
And started peckin on the wire

One big explosion later
Ye have one frazzled birdie
The wee sparrow up to heaven
It'll no see another birthday

So I'm left here in Wick in the dark
With a tension in ma belly
Cos ma favourite programme was on the night
But theres nae ellecky for ma telly.

28-Nov-06, 18:48
Well done Cedric; I like it! Poor wee sparra! :lol:

28-Nov-06, 20:00
[lol] Loved it! I wonder if that's what happened to us last night.

28-Nov-06, 20:43
Cedric dear hev nae fear
When sittin in the dark,
For I have heard it said that ye're
A richt bricht spark .

28-Nov-06, 20:46
Loved ye'r little ditty...made me giggle and there's nothing like a good giggle.

29-Nov-06, 05:26
Cedric has excelled himself with his clever little ditty
Indeed we like the poem he wrote, it's really very witty
The lights went out, and in the dark, left to imagination
A light went on inside his head, and brought him inspiration!

29-Nov-06, 14:53
Battery powered computer then Cedric friend?

29-Nov-06, 15:21
Very good cedric i enjoyed that.:D

29-Nov-06, 15:22
Darkness to darkness
Off to bed a good idea
Has sparrow new wings?