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Wick Fix
08-Jul-12, 04:27
Help needed. Does anyone use RAW food to feeds their dogs? Our 1 year old Labrador has a sensitive stomache and she is a bit stinky at times. We have tried changing her food and we are now even trying the sensitive feed on her. We only use dry food, never wet food. We did see raw food available in pets at home and we wondered if this would be better?

Any advice??? I would ask the vet but considering the VERY BAD advice that was VERY COSTLY last time, I will pass for now. Thank you in advance:)

08-Jul-12, 13:20
I don't use raw food but my dog,Benjy, who has a very delicate tum, gets Naturediet Lite and he is doing really well on it. He is ten years old and is in perfect health with lovely clean teeth. :)

I also give him carrots (cooked and raw) and green tripe sticks as treats.

Julia on the org feeds her dog on raw food so you could contact her.

08-Jul-12, 20:24

Get hold of this book, it will tell you all you need to know about feeding raw.

08-Jul-12, 23:12
Can I suggest Arden grange dry food, our great Dane is very picky and most food will travel through her faster than the speed of light with the obvious results, this is the only food we have found suitable for her- might not help you but worth a try. It's expensive 37 a 15kg bag from the vet in thurso but worth it if you have to pick up the mound of the hound of the baskervilles

08-Jul-12, 23:17
pm crustyroll on here, she's a wellknown labrador breeder and gave me some excellent advice on raw feeding

Wick Fix
08-Jul-12, 23:48
Thank you everyone. We will give it a bash.