View Full Version : Missing ginger Tom, Mount Pleasant/Springpark area

07-Jul-12, 01:23
Yep, our timid chubby big ginger tom has been missing for 12 hours now. He doesn't go far - ever - and has never gone missing before. At 13yo and neutered, he's not the type to start wandering either.

He can't have gone far from the new Mount Pleasant estate, and I suspect he's sneaked into someone's garage and gotten locked in. If you live up that way, please check your garages/sheds/newly-built houses etc. and see if his curiosity has trapped him.

Personally, I trust his survival instincts, and expect him to rock up in a couple of days with a look of "What? I've been off doing stuff, ok?? OK??" on his face.

The wife's in bits though. :(

Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance.

07-Jul-12, 02:48
Just went out a scout about. A fox alighted from next-door's drive, skulking off into the scrub.

I now fear for ma boyagie. :(

07-Jul-12, 12:51
Just went out a scout about. A fox alighted from next-door's drive, skulking off into the scrub.I now fear for ma boyagie. :(
Don't worry about your boyagie. He's more than a match for a fox!
People have this idea of foxes being mean killing machines which kill everything on sight but they are just dogs!
Despite what some people say, research shows that they don't kill cats. Well unless they were so injured etc that they couldn't stand up to them or run away.
There are foxes where I live and no one has ever lost a cat to one. Not even the strays who come to me to be fed every night!

Your first thought of him being locked in somewhere is far more likely. Is anyone on holiday? Would be worth checking in case he got shut in a garage,shed (or even a house) etc and can't get out because no one is there.

Also, put posters up in your area as the more people who know he is missing the better.

I know how awful it is when a cat goes missing as it's happened to me on more than one occasion but they all came back or were found shut in. :)

I really hope he "rocks up" soon.

08-Jul-12, 04:04
Thanks Liz for your experienced wisdom. I hope you're right.

Thing is, I know my boyagie, and I know that he never strays far from home. His territory extends pretty much from our garden, a bit of next door's drive and a wee bit across the road. If he's gone beyond that, he'll have been chased there. He's 13yo, and never been the wandering type, pretty much a dictionary definition of a scaredy-cat.

We got him when he was allegedly 6 weeks old (although we both reckon he was a couple of weeks younger) and for the first 5 years of his life he was an indoor cat (very much against his will, unavoidably, but an indoor cat nonetheless). He never got the chance to fully be taught the hunting, climbing and balancing skills that most cats are adept at. And fighting? Oof, not a chance. Soft as a really, really soft thing. Bless him. . .

Personally, I'm a bit taken aback by the intensity of emotion that his absence has engendered in me. But then, a 13 year relationship has to be somewhat significant.

Posters and leaflets going out today. Fingers crossed.

08-Jul-12, 13:42
Bloody typical! Just get the posters printed and he wanders in the back door as if nothing has happened! [lol]

Fed and watered, and now resting up. Such a relief. :)

08-Jul-12, 13:47
That's brilliant news!!!!! A relief indeedy. :)

08-Jul-12, 22:08
Great result, so glad for you.

Just goes to show even some MetalMen have a heart.... :)