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04-Jul-12, 19:31
Does anyone know if there is anyone locally that builds field shelters for horses? Or even just good companies? What sort of prices was it?

Not looking to get one yet, just kinda looking for a rough quote... :)

Or, has anyone erected something in their field themselves, even if it's not a proper shelter, just providing a bit of protection from the weather

Thanks! :)

04-Jul-12, 21:45
A row of old bales stacked two high is the easiest and cheapest way of giving them a good wind break.

05-Jul-12, 15:51
I got mine from Novar Tulloch sawmill at Evanton: http://www.novartulloch.co.uk/sandgfieldshelter.html

I have the 4.8m x 3.6m, it's very solidly constructed and despite only being on skids and not concreted in or fastened down in any way, it stayed upright when we had the 100mph winds in December (albeit about 2 feet further south than it had been!) We did have to replace the felt roof with onduline after 2 years though.