View Full Version : Man killed dog he loved

02-Jul-12, 15:28
Accused devastated by attack he doesn't recall

A WICK man stabbed the dog he loved in a drink-fueled frenzy, a court heard today.
Alexander McPhee was said to have been “absolutely devastated” by what he had done and has vowed never to keep a pet again.
McPhee (44) admitted at Wick Sheriff Court, causing the collie-cross unnecessary suffering by repeatedly stabbing it causing it injuries as a result of which it died.
The bizarre incident came to light after the accused went to a friend’s house, late on September 2 and confessed what he had done and the police were informed.
They discovered the blood-spattered body of the dog in a chair at McPhee’s home at 33 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, said that a vet who examined the remains, found nine wounds measuring about two centimetres in length, which had penetrated at varying depths.
Mr Barclay went on: “His professional opinion was, that it would have taken between 10-20 minutes for the dog to have died. When interviewed, McPhee accepted that he had harmed the dog and stated that he had been drinking cider for a month leading up to the incident. He indicated that he loved the dog and was upset by what had happened.”
Mr Barclay told Sheriff Andrew Berry that officers formed the opinion from McPhee’s demeanour and appearance that he was someone, who perhaps, had some element mental health issues and that his drinking had done nothing to assist the situation.
Solicitor Jo McDonald said that the accused was “absolutely devastated” and has been tearful and upset on each occasion she discussed matters with him.
She continued: “He doesn’t remember carrying out the act which it makes him very difficult to accept it.”
Ms McDonald said it was her understanding was that the dog would have lost consciousness quickly and would have been unconscious when death occurred.
She added: “The accused cared very deeply for his dog and, up until this incident, it had been well-look after.” The solicitor added that “an over-indulgence” in alcohol had been “a crucial aspect” in the case and had been a factor in McPhee’s life for a number of years. The accused had no desire to keep a pet again and Ms McDonald said it was hoped the disposal of the case would enable the accused to move on from “an extremely difficult and troubled situation”.
Sheriff Berry called for reports and imposed a temporary pet ban on McPhee, pending sentence on August 17.