View Full Version : Bit guards...

30-Jun-12, 00:17
Have been working up a sweat trying to get them on my horses bit! Managed one, but the second is refusing to go on, any tips and techniques? :D

30-Jun-12, 00:24
put it in boiling water for a little while then try, as it sofens the rubber up , also try streaching it over with a hoof pick.hope that helps

30-Jun-12, 00:39
Thanks! Did try the boiling water trick, just about worked with the first, but have tried it twice on the other one and still no luck! They're horrible things! :P Thanks for the advice though :)

30-Jun-12, 17:47
Lubricate with a little washing up liquid.

30-Jun-12, 17:58
Success! They're on! Used boiling water again, guess all that was missing last night was my patience! :D