View Full Version : Cherry Blossom Bakery

28-Jun-12, 17:08
We are pleased to announce that as of tomorrow our cupcakes will be on sale at Telford's Cafe in the new PPP building. Starting off with Terry's Chocolate Orange flavour. :-)

28-Jun-12, 18:26
Hope the service is better than it was today -very disappointing - hope this doesn't happen very often

28-Jun-12, 20:28
Really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I don't have anything to do with the cafe other than to supply them with cupcakes. I'm sure if you made your feelings known to the management they would try to address the issue.

03-Jul-12, 18:51
Another delivery of cupcakes will be going to Telford's Cafe at the PPP building tomorrow morning. Flavours will be Milky Bar and also Strawberry Shortcake :-)