View Full Version : Female Harris Hawk

27-Jun-12, 19:32
Due to college commitments I am looking to rehome one of my Harris Hawks. The Hawk has not been flown free for some time but would be perfect for bringing back into work. She does have a small wing deformation which she had before I got her but it does not affect her flying ability.
She would be ideal for a beginner learning to handle Birds of prey or someone more experienced capable of bringing her back into work.
Homes will most definitely be vetted.

27-Jun-12, 19:46
you selling her you carnt Stacy

27-Jun-12, 20:12
not selling her no, but yes I do want her to go to a home who has time dailey to train her and handle her and love her as much as i do. Its not fair for her to be here while I am to bizy to handle her, yet alone 3 of my birds of prey. Its gonna be hard to see her go when someone does come for her but its best thing for her.

Karen Smith
28-Sep-12, 20:24
Hi, did you manage to re-home your Harris Hawk?

01-Oct-12, 12:52
well, i have a mate whos father was desperate for her, but its been a month, maybe even two now. i know there are people who would like her now and have waited this long too. all i want is rayne to have a loving home were they can train her to her full expectations, and hse should already be in a home like that by now. I have told my mate they either have her now, or not at all as there are people who are also interested in her too who will take her right away. all i want it wats best for her, and a home where they have more time for her then i do, as i have three birds of prey taking up most of my time, chickens, dogs, cats and a yard to try and run. But Rayne is a beautiful Harris Hawk, and its sad to let her go but i know its whats best for her :)