View Full Version : Dishwashers

13-Jun-12, 10:25
Does anyone know and have contact details of someone that can fix dishwashers ??? thanks

Alice in Blunderland
13-Jun-12, 13:38
Graham Begg fixed my dishwasher for me and quite reasonable if I can remember.

14-Jun-12, 15:44
Thanks will give them a try

Miss Dizzy
14-Jun-12, 16:09
Have had Alacam fix a dishwasher for me. Took a while to get the parts but that wasn't their fault. Have also had Graham Begg try to fix one but after a lot of journeys in the back of the van without success. I therefore wouldn't use him again.

16-Jun-12, 23:05
have you tried taking her to the doctors?

23-Jun-12, 23:38
Have you tried the hotpoint man?

Kevin Milkins
25-Jun-12, 23:22
My dishwasher was playing up last week, I bought her a bar of dark chocolate and all seems to be fine again now.