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11-Jun-12, 19:08
Honorary sheriff couldn’t ‘plaice’ fishmonger accused

THERE was something familiar about the man in the dock but Honorary Sheriff Bruce de Wert couldn’t place him.
Wayne Metcalfe’s solicitor Neil Wilson could...indicating that Mr de Wert would have been served by the accused in his capacity as a fishmonger at the Wick branch of Tesco.
The honorary sheriff was satisfied he could hear the case. (sheriffs and honorary sheriffs have a duty to relinquish jurisdiction, or retire from a case if they know the accused well)
Mr de Wert was satisfied after Mr Wilson’s explanation that he could remain on the bench and went on to fine Metcalfe 500 for driving with excess alcohol.
The 31-year-old, a first offender, of Hesterval, Freswick, admitted committing the offence, on the A99 there, on Saturday, and was also disqualified for 15 months. Tests revealed a breath-alcohol reading of 79 micrograms more than twice the legal limit of 35mgs, Wick Sheriff Court was told today.
Mr Wilson told the court that Metcalfe had attended a wedding dance in the Mey Hall and had arranged a lift home which subsequently didn’t materialise, so he opted to drive home.