View Full Version : How did they behave at Rockness?

09-Jun-12, 15:08
Rockness rockers receive praise from police

THE officer in charge of policing at Rockness has praised the general behaviour of festival goers.
Day one of the festival passed without any serious incidents or disorder and everyone seems to be enjoying the festival safely.
Superintendent Stevie Mackay said Police carried out 65 positive drugs searches and one person was arrested for alleged drug dealing offences.
He said: "We are now well into day two of the festival and the story from overnight is a very positive one. Revellers seem to be in high spirits and we have seen no incidents of serious disorder."
The superintendent added: "Whilst it is disappointing to have had 65 positive drugs searches, that figure is relatively low considering the number of people attending the event."
He added: "We are very pleased that the general mood of the crowd has been very positive and hopefully that will continue for the rest of the event."