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09-Jun-12, 14:58
Tried to warn her sister against the company she was keeping

Natasha McPhee was far from happy about her sister’s association with a man and made it clear when she encountered them in the street.
McPhee (19) shouted and swore at the man and threatened to “smash his face in” if he didn’t go away.
The incident was reported to the police and McPhee, of Bremners Walk, Wick, was charged with threatening or abusive behaviour.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay said that the incident occurred when McPhee met the pair in Wellington Street, Wick, on May 12. Mr Barclay added that the accused was entitled to hold the views she did but was not at liberty to express them in the way she had.
Solicitor Eilidh MacDonald said that the accused had discovered that her sister had been at the man’s house while drunk and described her as “immature and vulnerable” when in that state.
Ms MacDonald added: “My client felt she had a genuine cause for concern but accepts she should not have used the language she did, or behaved the way she did.”
Sheriff Andrew Berry noted that McPhee was a first offender but said that her conduct was “entirely wrong” and she must now allow herself to be drawn into such situations.
Sentence was deferred for six months to allow the accused to demonstrate she could behave herself.

Hospital rowdy gets chance

A MAN who caused a disturbance in Caithness General Hospital was admonished after the court heard that he had not been in trouble during the ensuing six months.
William McGough (29) originally appeared in the dock in December when he admitted a charge of threatening or abusive behaviour.
It was stated that he demanded to see a doctor on arrival at the hospital, on September 13, and also wanted medication. Staff asked him to leave, but he refused to do so and the police were summoned.
They escorted the struggling McGough, of Victoria Place, Wick, from the building.
On Friday, Sheriff Berry was advised that the accused had behaved since his last appearance and admonished him.
The sheriff commented: “What you did, was upsetting for the hospital staff. It seemed appropriate to give you an opportunity to show that such conduct would not happen again and that has been the case.”

Cocaine accused must appear personally

A REPORT was called for on Andrew Macdonald who was found in possession of the Class A drug cocaine at his home in Scrabster.
The court was told that the cocaine had a street value of 10. Macdonald, of Clett Terrace, admitted the offence, which occurred on January 13.
However, Sheriff Berry, who was advised that Macdonald (41) had a community payback review pending, continued the case and ordered a personal appearance.

Careless driving alleged

A PEDESTRIAN is alleged to have become airborne after being struck by a car.
Eighty-one-year-old Alexander Henderson, of Seaforth Avenue, Wick, is facing a charge of careless driving.
His solicitor, Sylvia MacLennan explained that she was not in a position to enter a plea as there was a technical problem in viewing relevant CCTV footage.
The case was continued for a fortnight. The offence is alleged to have occurred on the Service Bridge, Wick, on February 17. Henderson is accused of turning into the street without checking that the way was clear, and colliding with the pedestrian.

Murkle pair to stand trial

James (50) and Tracy Anderson (42) have pleaded not guilty to charge of threatening behaviour and assault.
The Andersons, of Broynach Farm, Murkle, will return to court for their trial on August 16.
The charges allege that they shouted at neighbour John Anderson, seized his mobile phone and struggled with him. The two accused are further alleged to have punched him, on May 25, bent his fingers back, forced him to the ground and repeatedly struck his head on the ground, to his injury.