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08-Jun-12, 15:14
Accused narrowly escapes custody for behaviour described as "deeply offensive"

A TEENAGER, whose behaviour was described by a sheriff as “unforgivable, wholly inappropriate and deeply offensive”, was told that he had escaped a custodial sentence “by the thinnest of margins”.
Gary Cowie (19) of Weybank, Murkle, admitted charges of assaulting police constable Susan Gunn and threatening her; behaving in a racially aggravated manner to fellow constable Paul Kerr and smashing windows.
Wick Sheriff Court was told previously that he referred to PC Kerr’s wife with “outrageous”, racist names and threatened to rape a third officer and his family. The offences occurred in the early hours of March 11, in Pennyland Drive, Mill Cottages, Mowat Court and Millbank Road, all Thurso.
A co-accused Aidan Yeomans (20) of Rose Street Thurso, pleaded guilty to assaulting a man, in Pennyland Drive and a third accused, Eilidh Macintosh (17) of Bayview Terrace admitted shouting and swearing.
The trouble began shortly before 1am when the trio met a man and a woman in Pennyland Drive and it escalated, from exchanges. The incident “fizzled” out, but police subsequently discovered vandalism at Mowat Court and Mill Cottages were subjected to threats and assaults from Cowie when they caught up with him.
He was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid community work, and Yeomans 100 hours.
Macintosh, who was said to have had a lesser role in the scenario, was admonished, by Sheriff Berry.

Sex messages were texed to teenage girl

A MOTHER contacted the police after seeing a message on her daughter’s mobile phone.
For the texts the underage 15-year-old had received, were of a ‘racey’ sexual nature, the court was told.
In the dock was Matthew Begg (19) of Albyn Court, Thurso, who admitted the offence which occurred on July 3, last year.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, said it was clear the girl was a willing recipient as the phone traffic contained replies from her. An early plea had spared those involved, having to give evidence to a trial.
Mr Barclay said: “When interviewed, the accused admitted that he knew the girl was 15 when he sent the texts of a somewhat racey nature.”
Solicitor Neil Wilson made the point that the girl’s messages had been of a similar nature.
Sentence was deferred for a social enquiry report until July 6 and Begg was advised he would be placed on the Sex Offenders Register meantime.

Dog killed lamb

A teenager's Husky dog killed a lamb and seriously injured another.
The dogs owner, William Goodbrand, admitted being the owner of the animal which worried livestock on land near Thurso, on May 16.
Goodbrand (19) of Holborn Avenue, Thurso, pleaded by letter but Sheriff Berry ordered he appear personally. The sheriff described the offence as "very serious", particulary as it had occurred only five weeks after the accused had been order to carry out unpaid community work, on an unrelated charge, at Inverness Sheriff Court.
The case was continued until July 6.