View Full Version : If I knew now what I should have then

Cedric Farthsbottom III
23-Nov-06, 23:07
I can see yer face in front of me
So old and full of grace
But I remember the days when ye were young
Putting me and big bro in oor place

Yer homemade tablet was gorgeous
Yer custard biscuits were supreme
Me and big bro's faces
Covered in butter icing cream

But its ten years since that argument
The swear words hurt the most
I'm sorry that I said them to you
My apology letter ye got in the post

Ten years later here I am
Standing by yer bed
With my apology letter in yer hand
That you must have just read

If I knew now what I should have then
"What a lovely woman",people said
I would have been able to say I love you
But I can't,cos maw yer dead.

24-Nov-06, 00:47
This is so lovely and heartbreaking. I shed a tear reading this.

24-Nov-06, 01:05
Now I can understand that, cheers Cedric