View Full Version : Baby Bunnies

06-Jun-12, 14:24
My lovely mummy bunny has given birth to 8 healthy little "babbits" who are looking for loving homes.
Born on 22nd May they are 2 weeks now so wouldn't be rehomed for another 6.

Mummy is a house rabbit so little ones are indoors at the moment and will be regularly handled and exposed to dog, cat etc as well. I think they will be moving to the garage as they grow however as
not keen on 9 rabbits roaming around when one is more than enough.

Happy for anyone to come visit them to select and watch them grow.

PM for any more details.

11-Jun-12, 18:48
aww soo cute i would take 2 if i could find a cheap enough outside hutch for them!! what date are they ready to go and do u still have any left to re home i should ask first?? lol