View Full Version : Thank you to all the staff at Thurso vets

06-Jun-12, 07:48
We've just had a nightmare six weeks where we've lost first our 13-y-o spaniel to stomach cancer and then our 8-y-o spaniel to liver disease with added complications. Mick and I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Thurso vets who have taken such great care of the dogs and given us so much support and sympathy during a horrible time.

Rest in peace, Red and Smokey.

06-Jun-12, 08:27
So sorry for your loss. What beautiful dogs.

06-Jun-12, 13:45
Oh I am so very, very sorry to hear this awful news!

My sincere condolences on the loss of your beautiful Red and Smokey. They will be together again now.

06-Jun-12, 18:56
sorry to hear your new ,it must be so upsetting for you as like mine they were probly part of your family xx

06-Jun-12, 19:12
Sorry to hear about your dogs, what a lovely photo to have of them together, and yes have to agree all the staff are really nice and genuine.

06-Jun-12, 20:36
So very sorry cazmanian_minx on the loss of your beautiful dogs ! :(.

Having quite recently lost our "bairn" (C-For our cat of 18 years) I can understand how you must feel; it's utterly heart-breaking.

I'm glad though that you got comfort and help from your vet, because I didn't (!)....it must have made all the difference to you.

RIP Red and Smokey. XXX

06-Jun-12, 22:44
Sorry for the time you have had losing your bairns.
They were great when Benson died...on the operating table.
The Wick vets are just as caring even though Cheese came home alive to live out his old age (died Friday)..
Time to decide saying goodbye is hard enough, and a sympathetic vet makes it easier!

07-Jun-12, 18:51
So sorry to hear your news. :(

What a beautiful photo. x

07-Jun-12, 23:47
hOW awful for you both, I'mk so sorry you lost your two beautiful dogs. Loosing one is bad enough. At least they are both together. xx

23-Jun-12, 08:01
So sorry for your loss, we lost our Lurcher to cancer a couple of years ago, it's still very painful as she was one of the family, I can't imagine losing 2 like that

23-Jun-12, 18:13
This is just so sad,its hard eneogh losing one dog but both in such a short space of time is heart breaking.

thats a cracking picture of two happy dogs.

24-Jun-12, 22:41
So sorry for your loss. what a beautiful photo of the pair, may they rest in peace. xxx