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31-May-12, 18:17
We thoroughly recommend our wonderful Italian restaurant, De Vita's, for a meal. We were there on Tuesday night, and found the guy very pleasant and attentive, the food was amazing, and there was a real Italian feel about the place! Looking forward to when the upstairs part is done...it will be a real asset to the town. Congratulations De Vita's!!!!!

31-May-12, 18:31
where is DE Vitas

31-May-12, 19:07
opposite dr simpsons in wick

08-Jun-12, 18:26
We have had the take away pizzas 4 times now and they were excellent. I deffinatly recomend them

01-Jul-12, 12:20
went there last night, WOW.

15-Jul-12, 21:06
Took bairns to De Vitas tonight and it was great!! They ate so much and loved it! Great portions for money great service and a box to take home the 3 wee bits of pizza my wee girl left. highly recommend it to everyone.

16-Jul-12, 15:47
We went to De Vita's on Saturday for a meal, we were delighted with the friendly service and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious pizza and pasta and chocolate cake :D, can't wait to go back!

19-Jul-12, 22:28
Have had a take-out from De Vita's a couple of times and can't wait to go back. Definitely thumbs up from me! :Razz

02-Mar-13, 22:27
We were there tonight for a meal and the standard is top notch, a must, best in the county.