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29-May-12, 15:58
Went here today about lunch time and was impressed with food and prices. I had the home made soup Brocolli and stilton and it was lovely.OH had all day breakfast and the quality was excellent We both had tea and it was just under 7. People were friendly and it was spotless. Definitely worth a look in and very children friendly.:lol:

02-Jun-12, 19:09
Rivendell is lovely. Hope to get out again very soon to sample more of the menu.

04-Jun-12, 18:19
Dropped in yesterday, great cake, nice people, good craic :D

07-Jun-12, 12:16
went for a look today and everything closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-Jun-12, 15:34
It is closed every Thursday. I think that is the only day that it is closed. Worth going back again

11-Jun-12, 17:38
Must admit to lovely food and a homely atmosphere !
Prices are exceptional considering the sheer quality of food.
Thoroughly recommend ! :)

16-Jun-12, 22:27
Have to echo the sentiments above. Popped in today with my kids - we were made very welcome by Glyn and Benjamin and their friendly banter was enjoyable. We ate a delicious lunch, and it's always a good sign when the kids polish off everything on their plates, the price was very reasonable and we're already agreed we will be back for more :)

14-Aug-12, 20:02
Us too!!! :)
We're regulars there now and we love it!

18-Aug-12, 22:49
Looking for excuses to go to the Wick side of the county......any day but a Thursday......to partake of the Rivendell delights.

29-Aug-12, 19:24
far about is it?

29-Aug-12, 23:18
the old petrol pumps before Wick on the Wick /Castletown road just before the denists at Lochshell