View Full Version : uploading my first webpage

22-Nov-06, 21:14
Hi, Can anyone help?
I am trying to upload my 1st webpage and I am using Fling. I have entered the server name, username and password, however, it is asking for the directory, I am not sure what this is.
Anyone know what I am talking about? I think I might do lol!:confused

Tiger Jones
22-Nov-06, 22:01
Hi Aileen.

I'm not sure if it's asking for your local directory (your own computer) or the ftp directory (your web site host).

Can you give any more information? Any error messages etc.

22-Nov-06, 22:39
Hi Tiger, I have worked out that te directory is my folder on my PC, now I am trying to figure out how to add my domain name. I am now trying FTP Explorer!
Lol, I will be here all night, I think.:lol:

22-Nov-06, 23:35
Sorry, I have had enough tonight! My head is buzzing and my eyes are crossed.
To be continued!