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elastic band
27-May-12, 10:24
hi folks,
i'm looking for someone to come and give me a price for a garden wall and patio -i,m more than happy for it to be done on a homer basis if it's cheaper and my son and hubby happy to do labouring work as well to keep cost down.

May possibly be looking for a little tarmac work and repair to back steps too -it all honestly depends on costs. Rome wasn't built in a day so i know it will have to be few things at a time.

Please PM with any names / numbers etc and everything will be kept confidential. Just need to know that it will be a proper job and even better if it's someone you have used.

Thanks orgers i would be very grateful for any help provided.


elastic band
28-May-12, 14:45
Hi again
haven't heard from anyone yet and i would really like to get the work done in next couple of months if at all possible. Please can anyone help -this is a really genuine request and i just need some help and advice because my dad used to do these sorts of things before he passed away -hence i don't know who to ask.

hoping to hear soon

28-May-12, 23:15
Have a look in the Business Section for "Business Index and News" which you can find at the top of the org's front page. There is a section for gardening and landscaping which should be helpful; good luck!

28-May-12, 23:25
I have posted you some information but it has to be approved by a moderator first. Good luck with your search!