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24-May-12, 13:40
Hungry Garter snake... Waiting to get some pinkies... Quick bit of Googling & I found this very helpful tip on http://www.gartersnake.co.uk/maintenance.htm

Cat food
For the last few years I have increasingly used commercial cat food for most of my adult and sub-adult snakes. This appears to have been successful, and most of the snakes have taken readily to it, and have appeared healthy and have bred successfully. I was given this 'tip' by a garter snake enthusiast in Liverpool who has used the food for years. It is worth experimenthing with different brands of food, and the fishier varieties tend to be better tolerated. My present food is Whiskas 'Oh so fishy' which is available from Tescos. In the past I found Asda's 'Tiger seafood selection' better, and to have a higher fish content, but I have no local source for that. For smaller snakes the cat food can be cut into smaller pieces, but I find that most babies do not take readily to it. I therefore feed smaller snakes on strips of my home made food, and during their second year find that most will readily switch to cat food. The main advantage of the cat food is that it is less expensive both financially, but more importantly in terms of time and effort spent making my home made food.

Gave her some Whiskas "Oh so Fishy" (Salmon) & as soon as I put it in her viv she made a beeline straight for it & started gobbling it up straight away.

06-Jun-12, 13:59
I wouldn't feed her too much of that. You do know what's in wet cat food ? But surely enough a garter snake will eat anything that smells of fish.... and I am not saying that because I supply your pinkies ;-)
I don't even feed my cats any of that stuff.... a neighbour of mine was a line manager in a well known cat and dog food company. He was feeding his dog table scraps and swore he would never in his life open a tin of dog food ever again.... :-/