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22-May-12, 15:38
"Lock it or lose it" warns Northern Constabulary

AS summer approaches, Northern Constabulary is reminding cyclists about the importance of locking their bikes, every time they use them.
Bicycle theft is a problem nationwide, and the Highlands are no exception. Most bikes which are stolen are not secured and so, by buying and then using a lock, bicycle owners can significantly reduce the likelihood that their bike will be stolen.
With the majority of bikes being taken from gardens, insecure sheds, communal stairwells and other locations around homes, Inverness Beats Sergeant Ewan Henderson stressed: "It's really important that not only do you secure your bike every time when you are out and about, but that you always secure it at home."
Sgt Henderson added: "It only takes a thief a few seconds to steal an insecure bike but the good news is that it also only takes a few seconds to lock your bike and remove that opportunity from the criminal."
Northern Constabulary has an informative video on bike security on its YouTube channel YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1AVmlN1hHM)