View Full Version : Best place for a meal

19-May-12, 14:02
We have tried everywhere for a decent meal on a night out, we didnt really like what we got,but we tried the Legion for a meal today and it was amazing. really recommended

19-May-12, 16:09
Why not put this in the recommendations?

19-May-12, 19:24
Didn't know there was a recoomendation part on the org, i never really look at any other bit apart from the sale section :) thanks though ill have a look

20-May-12, 04:32
lol e legion is at because ur other half plays bingo ere heheh get a grip e legion better than most places in town lol never rofl

24-May-12, 20:48
Does it really matter if her other half plays bingo there or not. If she got a got a good meal thats something to let everyone know about. I get a good meal fae my local and i know the owners well. if the meal is good i would say so on here if not to them.