View Full Version : Band aid boosted African quest

19-May-12, 08:35
First aid mission is only 300 away from its financial goal

A CAITHNESS teenager’s African mission took a step closer, recently, after a dance in Thurso raised the gratifying sum of 465.
Along with the proceeds of a separate stall fundraiser, 135, it brought the total she has raised to date, to just over 1,200, only 300 short of her target.
Becky (18) and a group of her fellow students at Robert Gordon’s University at Aberdeen are due to fly out to Kenya, in August, to host a month-long course on basic first aid, at the township of Kisii, using available resources. Each of the students has to finance the expenses, of 1,500.
Becky’s dad, Andy Wymer plays double bass in the Caithness Big Band which volunteered their services at the dance held at the Royal British Legion Club in Thurso. And mum, Teresa, donated the proceeds from a stall fundraiser earlier the same day to Becky’s worthy African enterprise.
Becky is delighted with the support she has received. She still has 300 to find, so if you wish to help her along the last lap of her fundraising, you can do so on the web. All you have to do is enter bmycharity.com and under the heading Find a Friend key beckysafricatrip