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19-May-12, 00:13
My 2yr old Tom cat disappeared 10 weeks ago, We has given up hope of him being alive until Rascal arrived home last night -:):) Only prob i have is that his ear has been clipped and he has been shaved(I would say recently due to hardly any regrowth) thInk he has poss been neutered but unsure.. Where could he have been and who would have done this (Contacted vets who mentioned poss Cats Protection but where? And how did he manage to find his way home?? Totally stumped x

19-May-12, 00:48
Its a cat...they do not hold up under interigation.......and will keep schum over such activities only hope is getting the neutering question answered.....
Then getting him chipped so you will be notified of anything else........

19-May-12, 13:28
First of all I am really glad that Rascal has arrived home!

As for him finding his way home, cats are amazing and can find their way home from many miles away.

Cats Protection will neuter stray cats and if they have neutered Rascal then they have done you a huge favour! It might stop him from wandering again.
As Dadie said it would be a good idea to get him chipped.

pretty green eyes
21-May-12, 19:24
My friends cat came home one day shaved around her head. Pm me if you want more info. As she isn't my cat so I don't want to put her details public