View Full Version : Banishment

28-Apr-02, 21:41
Just wondered how I keep getting BANNISHED from the chat room :~( :~( Its most frustating cause I'v been a good girl :p (I hope), and Colin is probably getting sick of me asking him to fix it :roll: :eyes , but so far he has been cool about it :cool:
Hope to chat to you all soon ;) :) ;)

03-May-02, 09:36
Awww, no way... I've never seen you get banished! [disgust]
I hope it all gets sorted out soon!

03-May-02, 13:14
Love the fishing in Eyemouth,caraid...yummy hadock :)

05-May-02, 11:51
Hey caraid I am banished too!
Maybe we will be back soon.