View Full Version : new business for wick!!!

12-May-12, 21:51
hi all posting for a friend she is in the process of looking at shop premises on the high street she has an idea in mind what she wants to take up.would any of you like to voice your opinion on what the town centre needs in regards of what you lot would like to see on the street wat sort of shop are we lacking etc.any feedback would be very much appreciated many thanks in advance :)

12-May-12, 22:48
A shop that sells a good selection of stationary, pens etc, not greeting cards
Crockery shop - plates, glasses, dinnerservices of both cheap and expensive quality (similar to Soutars/serendipity in Thurso but catering for us poorer folk too - stuff that the old RS Waters had)

Son wants - toys, lego, games (xbox etc), dvds, cool clothes/accessories

12-May-12, 22:48
The larger ladies of the County will surely miss Brandy`s on Bridge Street.

12-May-12, 23:29
i agree with poppet, plus size men and womans clothes would be good.