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11-May-12, 14:06
Sheriff accepts Thurso man was mislead over online purchase
A THURSO man purchased an online drug to help him with his condition...but later discovered it was an illegal substance.
Thomas Robertson (60) admitted have been in possession of the Class A drug methylmethcathinone, today, at Wick Sheriff Court which heard that he had been misled about its legality.
Sheriff Andrew Berry said that in light of the explanation, he would admonish the accused.
The court was told that Robertson, of St Magnus Road, Thurso, suffered from diabetes and had purchased a small amount of the drug in good faith, on the internet.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay said that the offence came to light, on January 21, when police were investigating an unrelated offence.
He said that Robertson readily accepted the drug was his and told officers that it was available online.
Mr Barclay added: “There was a suggestion that the sellars were economical with the truth as to what the drug was and its legality.”
Solicitor Neil Wilson stressed that Robertson had been assured the drug was legal but should not have trusted a website the provenance he knew nothing of,
Mr Wilson added: “I he had had any suspicions, he would not have bought it. Self medication is not advice and he will in future get his medication from his chemist.”
Sheriff Andrew Berry told Robertson, a first offender, that he had “behaved foolishly” and added: “I am sure this has brought home to you of buying something you don’t have sufficient information about. I hope this will be a lesson to you and hopefully others.

Three-times-the-limit drinks driver won’t lose his car.

Francis McDonald’s vehicle was impounded when he appeared in court, previously, and admitted the offence. McDonald (59) of North Birbiston Road, Lennoxtown, was approached by police between the Thurso Caravan Park and Vulcan Court, on April 26.
He was subsequently found to have a reading of 117 micrograms-the limit is 35mgs.
Sheriff Berry said that forfeiture of vehicles was not automatic in such cases, and he took the view that a fine and disqualification were sufficient.
Mcdonald was fined 1000 and banned from driving for 20 months. He can reduce the qualification by a quarter if he successfully completes the drinks drivers’ rehabilitation course.

Warrant out for drugs accused

A WARRANT was issued for the arrest of a Wick man facing 19 drugs charges.
The court was told that there had been difficulty in serving the charges at his home at South View.
Roddy Aitken (26) was not at home when police called and his mother was not prepared to accept the papers, the court was told.
The charges involve the supply and offering to supply, last year, of a range of drugs including ecstasy, Mephedrone, cocaine, cannabis, and cocaine.

Driver was distracted at junction

A THURSO pensioner was distracted by an advertising board while approaching a junction near the Tesco store and collided with a traffic light standard.
Seventy-three-year-old George Hossack, of Riverside Place, Thurso, admitted a charge of careless driving. He was fined 100 and incurred three penalty points.
The court heard said that the offence was at the lower end of the careless driving scale and “out of proportion” to the 5000 damage to the lights standard which would be met by an insurance company.
The offence had been a “genuine moment of inattention” and was no question of the accused’s fitness to drive being in question.