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10-May-12, 15:31
Mostly white with black cat, sadly struck by a car and killed outside Geddes in Wick.

?middle aged, neutered male cat. Mostly white but with black patches over both eyes and black ears. Distinctive 3 spots over shoulders, black stripe down back going into a black tail. Black patch on right hind leg and small spot on back of left foreleg. No microchip or collar.

I'm sorry if he is your cat, however he is up at the Wick Vets Surgery if you want to collect him for burial at home. Phone 602088.

03-Jun-12, 21:37

am sittin here wi' ma neighbour who hes asked me til write. somebody telt her aboot yer post and now that she's read it she knows for sure that it wis her 'scruffy' that ye spoke aboot.

she came across her as a stray years ago in sinclair drive, an' took him in one day when she discovered him covered in soot - hence, the name.

she hes 8 ither cats an' scruffy soon became part o' 'e gang :D

he didna lek til be kept in, he wandered aboot lower pultney an' some lassie fie 'e sweemin pool used til gie him a saucer o' milk.

he lekt a wee pety but now an' again he didna lek til be lifted, an 'he used til stick it on his wee brither tyson sometimes...poor tyson wis petrified.

she wants ye til know that she really appreciates what ye did an' she wis really upset aboot her catty. she says thanks for 'e bottom o' her hert.

she's tellin me that she's lost her black cat now, she's been missin since a week an' a half. she disna go oot very often an' isna used til wanderin...

me - i cana keep up wi' all 'iss cats...comin an' goin!!