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10-May-12, 15:03
hi there im looking for a puupy for my 17 month old son i want something that dont cost the earth as its only for ma son so if any1 can help that would be great

12-May-12, 17:28
This kind of advert should be banned

13-May-12, 07:26
Plenty choice:


13-May-12, 09:49
snip* im looking for a puupy for my 17 month old son, snip* its only for ma son

I already feel sorry for the puppy, children need to grow up respecting animals and in my opinion this will not happen until they are old enough to help care for them, puppies are not toys, you also need to consider that puppies are extremely playful and will 'mouth' a lot which I'm quite sure your son will not appreciate.

13-May-12, 09:54
Agree with Wanted - this kind of advert should be banned.
It is ridiculous buying a puppy for a toddler - sheer ignorance and stupidity.
Also dogs are expensive to keep - food, insurance, vet bills etc - angelea you really need to find some common sense and put this stupid idea out of your mind until your son is much much older (over 10yrs at least).

baileys Bhoy
13-May-12, 11:06
I disagree that you shouldn't buy a pup for a toddler... I got a pup for my wee girl when she was around 14 months old... its the best thing we could have gotten for her... she wouldn't be with out the dog now!! My dog is completely understanding that my daughter forgets how ruff shes being and the dog never ever bites back! I do agree however you should take into consideration the type of dog you are getting... after all you need to trust the dog around you child. I think the fact that you are looking for a pup that's free just states to everyone that you don't care about breed or temperament... you only care about price! I'm not saying that if you pay big money for a dog that it is going to be perfect... because we all know this is not true... im only saying that there is more chance of the parents having been hip scored, the mother having been looked after properly through out her pregnancy and the pups having been looked after well until they are re homed! If you can't afford to pay some money to buy the pup how do you expect to be able to afford everything the pup needs? Why not take on a dog from a rescue centre instead?

13-May-12, 12:07
I would have thought any parent of such a young child would have enough to do cleaning, feeding and educating their child never mind the cleaning, feeding and socialising of a young puppy. To be a worthwhile addition to the family a puppy requires just as much work, if not more.

the grudge
13-May-12, 12:14
Hi there i though was ment b a family free site no nasty.com on here YESS every one aloud to comment on here but u shoud never JUDGE before u speek u dont no ths person who they are!! at the end off the day who is a right family for puppy dog or any kind off anima yess dogs can behard work and not cheep at times but if u love animal u pay the the earth for them if there part ur familyl!! i think puppy or dog good idea yess there not toys but u train them.. i have a 2 year old i have done my Anatomy & Physiology on dogs and horses got my dogs best thing ever haveing them around bec they love him.. think what lass trying say is she wants a pet for the family and her son loves dogs not that she going to give her son a dog say here go leve him with it !! so dont ever put someone down about geting a dog at the end they just mite be the right family for that animal!!

Miss Mack
13-May-12, 19:08
I think the "over 10 years at least" comment is a bit harsh. Rather than the age of the child, isn't it more important that the adults in the family are responsible and fully understand what's involved when taking on a pup. I was 4 when my parents got a pup, my son was 2 when we got our first one.

13-May-12, 19:21
puppies can get on ok with young children
they can also be great companions

however, it is also hard work when balancing both at this trying age.
little things like not wanting to take your wee one out in the cold but you still have to walk the dog.
who do you choose?
the time it takes to train, do you have time between housework, wee one and work?
also will the wee one still want it, when its big and bouncy instead of wee and fluffy.
but im not going to patronise you, you know all this.

i tried and failed, i couldnt balance the two.

the only thing that does concern me about this type of post, is folk asking for free/cheap pets, pets are expensive.
vets, jabs, tags, decent pet food (not cheap crap in a tin) and insurance.
so i theory if you cant afford to buy the dog, can you afford to keep it? just something to consider.
it tends to put the person selling/giving the dog off giving the pet to the person looking, unless they are trying to "get rid" of a dog they got on a whim and no longer want.

anyways, if your still looking and happy you can provide a happy home for life, but cant afford the initial cost, contact balmore, or check the vets board, or contact caroline poultin at lab recuse. but be aware many require a home check first.

good luck.