View Full Version : QUIZ 19th November

19-Nov-06, 20:57
Quiz night 19th Nov - 8.30pm - it will be fast so flex those fingers, objections will not be tolerated.

Fast fingers and big brains tonight .. be their or be a geometric figure with four right angles and four equal sides

19-Nov-06, 23:00
Wd everyone who was at the fast fast quiz - I could smell the smoke off the heated finger tips from here.

Tonights quiz was won by Bobsgirl, pity Mr & Mrs Billyboy never stayed....I would have ensured they won.

19-Nov-06, 23:44
Great quiz acameron! At that fast pace there was no chance for squabbles (tho we tried).

20-Nov-06, 00:21
Great Quiz Cuz, I lek 'e fast ones

21-Nov-06, 02:54
AC, thanks for the great quiz. I am sure that you set a new speed record. Part of that was due to our lightening quick responses.