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04-May-12, 15:10
Dangerous and careless drivers will be among offenders targeted in crackdown

FROM Tuesday to Thursday next week, Northern Constabulary will be joining Scotland's other forces in a campaign to make country roads safer by targeting motorists who drive dangerously, carelessly or over the speed limit.
Officers will also be focusing on the use of seat belts to highlight the dangers for drivers and passengers who are not using them.
The ACPOS (Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland) ‚€˜Days of Action‚€™ form part of an ongoing National Campaign Strategy by ACPOS focused on reducing the number of casualties on our roads.
In 2010, 133 out of the 189 fatal road accidents in Scotland (over 70%) happened on ‚€˜non built up roads‚€™ generally with a speed limit greater than 40mph. A contributory factor for a significant proportion of these road deaths was one of the following:
* exceeding the speed limit
* not driving appropriately for road conditions drivers and passengers
* not wearing seat belts
The Force's Road Safety Officer, Laura Fisher, said: "Any loss of life or seriously injury on our roads is unacceptable and we need to remain focused on improving road safety in the Highlands and Islands.
"Previous days of action have shown that there are still too many road users willing to ignore speed limits and these people put others at risk."
She added: "Speeding offences can result in a £60 fine and three penalty points or, in serious cases, a report being submitted to the Procurator Fiscal bringing a court appearance and higher penalty.
"During this campaign Northern Constabulary will make use of marked and unmarked police vehicles to carry out static speed checks at specific areas of interest. Our officers will target road users who continue to break the law and thus endanger the safety of others."
The Highlands and Islands have some of the most scenic routes in Scotland and we expect our country roads to be particularly busy as the spring weather arrives.
Laura added: "Drivers and motorcyclists are asked to enjoy the scenery but exercise due care and attention when doing so. The aim of the campaign is to prevent accidents on our roads and to promote safety. Those who break the speed limits can expect to be dealt with robustly."
Northern Safety Camera Partnership will also be out on the roads to deter any motorcyclists or drivers who are putting people's lives at risk due to excessive speed.
Dougie Bennion Partnership Manager for NSCP said: "During the summer period our camera vans will be utilising the Commander system to assist in the detection of motorcyclists who decide to exceed the speed limit on the roads we deploy on.
"The Commander video camera records the number plate of the offending motorcycle as it passes the camera van, this is used as evidence to identify the motorcycle should the offence detected end up in court or if at a lower speed a conditional offer of fixed penalty would be offered. Remember it is not smart to exceed the speed limit.
"Our camera vans are used at sites where there is a history of serious and fatal accident. If you see a camera sign check your speed, drive at an appropriate speed for the traffic and road conditions and stay safe."
For up to date information on road conditions and all aspects of motorcycling in Scotland, please visit the dedicated website www.aroundthecorner.org.uk (http://www.aroundthecorner.org.uk)