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03-May-12, 23:19
Want to lose weight?? Why not come along and try Scottish Slimmers.... We have new classes starting all over Caithness and Sutherland :)

Scottish Slimmers is a great easy plan to follow that is all about healthy eating and can fit around a busy work schedule and/or a family. Scottish Slimmers aim is sensible and healthy weight loss achieved by following our superb Positive Eating Plan.

Why not come along and give the classes a go? I to have weight to loose so lets go on this journey together and look forward to a happy, healthier, lighter future.

Halkirk - Ross Institute - 5.30pm - Tuesday (starts 15th of May)

Lybster - Venue to be confirmed - 7.30pm - Tuesday (starts 15th of May)

Thurso - Caithness Horizons - 6.30pm - Thursday (starts 17th of May)

Classes are 5.95 per week and we will have a joining offer on for the first week of just 1 to join plus the weekly fee! Bargin!!!

Catriona will also be starting classes as follows:-
Wick class starts next week(wed 9th may) in The Norseman at 12.15. There will be a short talk to explain the class and eating plan.The weigh and go will follow at 12.30-1.30 for anyone wanting to pop in on their lunch break.
The other classes all start the following week. She will be in Golspie at 5.30 in The Caberfeidh and in Helmsdale at 7.30pm (venue still to be confirmed).

And Sharon will be continuing the Thurso class on a Monday night in the Pentland Hotel at 5pm and Wick on a Tuesday night in the Neitherclif at 5.15pm.

Look forward to seeing you :)

07-May-12, 23:00
Lybster premises have now been confirmed we are in the

Bayview Hotel, Russell Street.

14-May-12, 12:45
bump it up :)

16-May-12, 01:01
JOIN FOR A 1 will be on until the 10th of June! Come along and take advantage of this fabtastic offer before it runs out! so that's 1 to join plus weekly fee of 5.95 until the 10th of June :)

21-May-12, 00:28
Hope to see some new faces this week :)

21-May-12, 15:40
is it weigh and go on a thursday nite in thurso

22-May-12, 15:35
No i am doing standard classes which is about a ten minute talk then weighing!! all new members need to come along to this to begin with to get started and everything will be explained then!! There will be a weigh and go bit for people that cant make the talk every week at the end of the class each week but this will be explained in your introduction! hope this all makes sense :) xx

25-May-12, 23:16
Just to explain to all!! the thursday nite class in thurso (as is the halkirk and lybster classes) is a standard class that will have a 15 min talk at the start and then all members there will then be weighed. After that there will be a weigh and go for about 15 - 20 mins at the end of my class. So from roughly 7pm onwards it is a weigh and go. I would like to encourage as many people as possible to come along to the class as much as they can though for support and motivation :)

05-Jun-12, 14:56
Last week of join for a 1 prices go back up as of the 10th of June! Come along to classes this week to save you some money!!! :) Hope to see some knew faces. Classes listed above all classes have a talk at the start then a weigh and go after! Its up to you if you come to both or just the weigh and go :)

Laura x

12-Jun-12, 21:21
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17-Jun-12, 08:40
Well, running three times a week around the village is fine to lose some pounds plus watch your diet each day. Honestly, if you aren't that overweight there's no need to enroll in a gym since you can then control yourself. In the case that you are someone who needs special attention from the expert better to enroll in a fitness center to better guide you and give you the right program to lose some weight.

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19-Jun-12, 14:01
Scottish slimmers is about learning to eat healthily and having a balanced diet! Not everyone is capable nor is it their cup of tea to be out running round a village or training in a gym. I think we all know how to be fit and healthy but some people like that bit of extra support!!

I think it is a personal choice whether someone wants to come along to a slimming class or go down the gym! What works for you may not work for others, in the same way that what works for them may not work for you.

Scottish slimmers have helped thousands of people shed weight steadily and reach a healthy target weight! We do encourage some sort of exercise mild or intense to all our members, as it is an important part of anyones health, overweight or not!

Laura :)