View Full Version : Lizard help please

03-May-12, 22:02
As a new "atomic" moving to the area ( for the rest of my puff) I need to find a supply of locusts for my Eddie Izard ( bearded dragon) please advise.

03-May-12, 22:30
pets at home or order online

03-May-12, 23:01
PAH have them ...but it may be best to set up a breeding colony in the shed or somewhere that is "allowed" for winter time and shortages................cheap plastic tank etc.....

03-May-12, 23:25
Live Foods Direct are the best i've found.
forget PAH, their live food is on it's last legs by the time we get it.


cheaper than PAH, free delivery and it's up here within 2 days every time.

03-May-12, 23:36
Thinking of the winter before last...a lasting supply from a colony cant be a bad thing..besides extras can be squished or sold in the winter months...