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01-May-12, 21:27
Well i cant quite believe i am doing this again, as last year in May i was posting a thread for my lost cat Korky - who sadly never came home. :~(

On halloween last year we acquired a very black ball of hissing and spitting fur we called Callie, she had been kept indoors until recently and after she had recovered from her spay operation and the good weather came, we had been letting her out. She rarely ventured further than the gardens. Unfortunately, she has not been seen since 5 oclock today and we are very worried about her whereabouts. :~(

i am hoping that perhaps she has been shut in somewhere by mistake, so i am appealling for anyone around the near vicinity of Thrumster to keep an eye open for a very slinky dinky black cat/kitten (she is about 8 months old but small) with about ten white hairs on her chest.

Any info please pm or text or call 07762185132

Thanks you

01-May-12, 22:04
She has just appeared - little madam! she is so grounded (after a good feed and lots of cuddles!)