View Full Version : Upper Deck Scrabster

01-May-12, 20:10
I havent been there in years. Fancied going in the next couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone had been recently would recommend it.

02-May-12, 09:04
Well I've only really been for the steaks (which are just gorgeous IMO) so can't really comment on the rest, but haven't been disappointed with whatever starters & puddings I've had, tho' the latter could definitely do with a bit more variety.

02-May-12, 23:29
We were there on sunday for high tea, they were busy. great value, under 8 for pensioners. Dinner, toast, tea/coffee, cakes etc. Really nice. you would need to book.

04-May-12, 16:00
went there over xmas and jan time was fantastic great food and service brilllllllllllllllllllll

11-May-12, 19:53
I was there last week with friend from London. The views from the window and the friendly people to serve you. The food was fab

12-May-12, 07:50
Thanks everyone - we have booked a table for tonight and fair looking forward to it!