View Full Version : World cup threat to Swallows.

17-Nov-06, 23:06

Thurso even gets a mention.

17-Nov-06, 23:19
There are countries that do all they can to protect their wild life especially birds only to see them decimated on their migration routes.
Surely if a species is protected there should be some sort of global agreement that it is protected every where.
Too often we have pushed things to the verge of and over the edge to extinction only to realise too late what we have done.
The world is not finite and once some thing is gone then it is gone for ever.
Although "A single swallow doth not a summer make," a whole flock is a pretty good indicator that longer days and warmer weather are just around the corner.

24-Nov-06, 00:45
Yet again nature has to give way to some stupid sort lived human event - is there a petition to sign!

26-Nov-06, 20:36
I read somewhere else that the airport was going to be built anyway, and the world cup part was just to beef up the headline. Hopefully one of the main conservation charities will have some sort of action to try and stop this soon.