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24-Apr-12, 20:17
If you can't abstain then at least reduce the risk

A HEALTH professional has issued an appeal to drug users -"If you can't abstain, take our advice to reduce the risk."
Public health consultant Rob Henderson was speaking following a recent incident in Fort William involving 12 people who
were treated at the local hospital after they experienced an extreme reation to tablets they took, believed to have been valium.
Some of them remain under observation. Police and medical staff issued a local warning to anyone else who may have taken non-prescription tablets and outlined the potential consequences.
Dr Henderson went further and urged drug users in the Highlands that if they are unable to abstain from drugs, follow harm reduction advice. He listed the following precautions.
Avoid using drugs on your own and always tell friends what you’ve taken and keep an eye on each other.
Remember they can be cut with other drugs or materials which can be harmful in themselves.
Never take drugs in combination-heroin taken along with benzodiazepines and/or alcohol is particularly dangerous.
Look out for signs of friends becoming unwell-especially signs that they may be overheated, experience dizziness, feeling sick or tired, have sudden headaches or cramps in arms or legs, flushed face, without sweating, collapse and unconsciousness.
If you or someone you are with, show any of the above symptoms you must call an ambulance iimmediately. Any delay could be fatal.
If someone you are with, overdoses, place them in the recovery position, call and ambulance and stay with them until it arrives. Your help could save a life.
Dr Henderson said: “Taking illicit drugs is extremely hazardous. There is no way to make them completely safe. NHS Highland works closely with the Highland Alcohol and Drug Partnership, Northern Constabulary, Highland Council and other partners to tackle these issues. I would advise anyone who has concerns about drugs to contact the relevant organisations for advice and support.”
Drug users can get more information and advice from the following-Highland Drug and Alcohol Partnership 01463 704603.
Harm Reduction Services 01463 717594
Osprey House 01463 716888
* A 22-year-old man has been reported to the procurator fiscal at Ft William for allegedly having been involved in the supply of drugs.